Visiting PSLC Lodges

My first taste of  visiting as the new WM  was to go the Old Salopian Lodge to watch the installation of their new master and share hospitality at the festive board.

I have also been to the Old Alleynian Lodge, accompanied by Oliver our SD, and was asked to process out at the end of the ceremony as a current WM of  a ‘sister lodge’. Dining was open to both masons and non-masons connected to the school. We had rare old time.

I’m intending to carry out further visits, if any members would like to accompany me please get in touch.

Visiting PSLC Lodges

One thought on “Visiting PSLC Lodges

  1. Daniel Broby says:

    Thanks for this. It reminds me of the “untold” secret of going through the Chair, namely a year of visiting. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and looks like you did to,


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